The Perfect Date Night for Every Zodiac Sign

Fiery Leo comes into the limelight between July 23rd and August 22nd. These bold zodiac signs have one desire: to bring down the house with their iconic style and their legendary confidence. Like his planetary lord Sun, even Leo cannot hide his glory. They know their worth, and they’re not shy about embracing their grandeur. However, they are anything but superficial. In romance, Leo is warm, protective, loyal, and supportive. As lovers, they are just as fierce as their ideal lion.

Leos love to be the center of attention, but they need a partner who can match their unique flare. Being in a power couple is the ultimate aspiration of these zodiac signs. That’s why we urge you to dress up to the nines and treat your Leo man to dinner at a luxurious restaurant. These Lions will be attracted to anything that feels exclusive and over the top. An extravagant rooftop dinner? A premier bistro? Both the options can easily fit the bill for the lovable Leo.

In line with his opulent style, Leo will appreciate the spread complete with cocktails, dinner, and dessert. Be sure to choose an aesthetic, picture-perfect location. You can earn bonus points with Leo if there’s great selfie lighting!

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