Memes and Tweets About “Loch Henry” on ‘Black Mirror’ Season 6

spoilers ahead black Mirror Season 6, Episode 2. After the much awaited launch of black Mirror Season 6, the “Loch Henry” episode stands out as a clear fan favorite with its twists and turns and “spot-on” true crime commentary. Starring Daniel Portman, John Hannah, Monica Dolan, Maiha’La Harold and Samuel Blenkin, the episode follows the story of a young couple, Davis and Pia, who travel to the sleepy Scottish hamlet of Loch Henry to begin work on a nature documentary. Let’s travel the city. and visit Davis’ widowed mother, Janet. However, Pia soon learns the story of local serial killer Ian Adair, who tortured and murdered tourists visiting the town in the 1990s. Intrigued by the story, Davis and Pia began work on a new documentary film that explores Adair’s heinous crimes.

Later in the episode, it is revealed that Davis’s deceased father and mother Janet were Adair’s accomplices during his 90s murder spree. Afraid of being caught, Janet then takes her own life, and a documentary based on Davies and Pia’s discoveries about the Adair case is later released on the fictional streaming service Streamberry. Despite the horrific events that precede the documentary and its traumatic consequences for everyone involved, the film becomes a BAFTA-winning smash hit.

black Mirror Creator Charlie Brooker reveals season 6 episode inspired modern day true crime documentarieswhich are often presented in a “serious” and “art house” style – but ultimately turn “terrible” events into a “spectacular form of entertainment”.

Many fans immediately praised “Loch Henry”. “Best Episode” of the New SeriesWhile other viewers saw how the episode highlights the show “Exploitation” of “real stories” For our entertainment in the realm of true crime.

Get more fan reactions black mirror “Loch Henry” episode, below.

black mirror “Loch Henry” isn’t the only episode that shook up social media, as fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on season 6 episodes “Joan Is Awful” and “Beyond the Sea.”

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