How to keep dewy makeup lasting all day

Making sure your wet makeup lasts all day starts with choosing the right products. For example, building a solid foundation using moisturizer and primer is key to any makeup look, but you especially want to choose products that are long-lasting and hydrating. As Makeup Artist Billie Jean Explains in style“I like to use serums and drying oils on the skin before moisturizer to help revitalize the skin and prepare it for applying makeup.”

Not only do you want to choose items that will create a dewy look, but you also need to make sure they’re the right formula for your skin type. Entrepreneur and makeup artist Christina Siklias shares with beauty crewThis goes for primers as well.

“If you have naturally oily skin, choose something with shine control and you can make up for any lost dewiness with other products,” she suggests. “If you have dry skin, go for a brightening-based primer that contains micro-pearls in it—it will add that ‘within’ glow and make you look extra hydrated.”

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