Hallmark’s Brendan Penney ready for Wedding Cottage sequel

Brendan Penny is no stranger to Hallmark. She has starred in several films to date, including “In My Measure,” “Beverly Hills Wedding,” and “The Secret Ingredient.” Penny especially enjoyed starring as an indifferent cast member rather than the typical protagonist in “The Wedding Cottage,” so it’s no surprise that she’s fully onboard for there being a part two.

in an interview with just Jared, the actor put forth his idea for a sequel: “They could definitely make a second movie out of it. Where we get married at the Wedding Cottage, you know, and the hijinks involved.” Evan and Vanessa’s alliance is the perfect continuation of this special story and has the potential to be romantic And funny.

However, Penny’s motivation is not only to revisit her nuanced character, but also to reconnect with her co-star, Erin Krakow. He shared, “I hope there can be 10 movies out of this so I can work with Erin again.” Penny’s eagerness to reconnect with him and footage of their behind-the-scenes relationship has led many to wonder if there is more to their on-screen romance.

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