A marital feud John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessett never put to rest

Unlike Kennedy, Bessette came from an average American background. When the two met, she was working diligently as a publicist for Calvin Klein. Bessette was wildly unprepared for the life that Kennedy lived in the public eye, and it became clear that this was the beginning of many relationship issues. Both were married only six months ago the paparazzi caught them In an intense shouting match that included violent pushing and shoving. One of Bessette’s close friends told Vanity Fair Bessette had difficulty adjusting to Kennedy’s increasingly social life.

It was too heavy for him. The inside source said, “She didn’t want to go out. She cheated on John’s friends, didn’t turn up for dinner, refused to go to people’s houses or events. She burned a lot of bridges.” Had given.” Per in style, J. “The Kennedy Heirs” by Randy Taraborrelli reported that Bessette’s desire to remain hidden and private became a frequent argument in the marriage. According to Taraborrelli, Bessette avoided visiting Kennedy’s extended family in Hyannis Port, and this caused particular friction in their love life. Ultimately, the two never got a chance to resolve this disagreement.

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