15 lavender perfumes for summer 2023 that smell dreamy

It goes without saying that lavender is one of the most easily recognized scents. And for many, the whimsical scent fills the senses with the most refreshing feeling of calm and inner peace.

Due to lavender’s mood-boosting effects, it makes all sense in the world that the violet flowers would scent airy homes, cozy bedrooms, and even relaxing spas. However especially when present equitably in perfumes and scent mists, lavender can add a truly romantic floral vibe to any composition, and can even easily transform those airy, sea salt-laden, coastal -Beautifully complements inspired fragrances. Hello, mermaidcore.

Usually coming in full bloom in late June and early July, lavender is no doubt the perfect scent of warm summer time – and perhaps classic roses, timeless jasmine flowers, and even playful honeysuckle. Judging by the fragrances, even the least noticeable notes.

In need of a new signature scent for the coming months (and maybe dreaming of dancing through endless fields of lavender in the south of France)? Here are 15 perfumes that smell like lavender that will instantly elevate your fragrance wardrobe. And bonus: Many of these irresistible scents are gender-free.


morning light As notes of exotic bergamot and subtly spicy cardamom dance with elegant scents of violet flower petals, smooth cedar wood, and translucent green tea instantly transports you to lavender fields blooming on coastal cliffs.


One of Ariana Grande’s dreamiest fragrances ever, Rem Defined by notes of fig, salted caramel, pear blossom, lavender, and sheer vanilla musk.


Housed in a gorgeous seashell compact, Geranium + Vetiver Balm Botanical The perfume is a moisturizing scent balm that melts into the skin as notes of earthy geranium, woody vetiver and lavender blooms melt into it.


No one smells like Chanel…more BoySpecifically, gives off all those “cool luxury” vibes, as the scents of lavender, geranium, and more combine into one sensual scent.


In need of an effortless fragrance mist everyday? This lavender and vanilla Saint à la Victoria’s Secret is an easy go-to.


No doubt a genderless scent that’s meant to be shared, Telegram Inspired by the love affair associated with flying first class. As for the notes? Lavender rests centerstage, while scents of black pepper, fresh linen, and vanilla powder play supporting roles.


Softly feminine and delightfully fresh at once, Amazing Grace Lavender Twist Has notes of grapefruit, raspberry, blackcurrant, lavender, and more.


A perfect scent for summer (and honestly, any time of year), libre intense Defined by its depth and warmth, fiery orange blossom, earthy lavender, and an exotic orchid dance with each other.


A truly uplifting fragrance that embodies the carefree feelings of summer, 7 summers is where juicy pear and airy coconut cream meet the elegance of lavender-scented vanilla.


A luxurious fragrance designed to be layered with other fragrances, Atelier des Fleurs Lavanda The lovely flower has a majestic, oo so feminine expression.


Another gender fluid fragrance made for everyone, burning barber shop Filled with notes of zingy lime, cool spearmint, smooth lavender absolute, burnt oil and some warm vanilla.


At the heart of this scent is the essence of freshly brewed coffee, while bold tonka bean, awakened orange blossom, and creamy cedarwood bring depth and sophistication. what’s more? Hints of lavender create a whisper of cloudy dreaminess.

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