Why retiring from live is always at the forefront of Kelly Ripa’s mind

Kelly Ripa has a lot to say about her new co-host, and she applauds Mark Consuelos for his equally strong presence and opinion. He said ew, “Mark and I have been able to feed off of each other’s energy.” However, Ripa said that part of this dynamic also plays into their natural tension, explaining, “We don’t see much, which is what makes our marriage interesting.”

But when it comes to co-hosting “Live With Kelly & Mark,” their differences don’t stop. “We have different opinions about a lot of things, and Mark isn’t afraid to disagree with me or mix it up with me,” Ripa shared. She concluded, “I think it’s compelling television.” Beyond the on-screen couple’s natural chemistry, the set also feels like a family environment.

Executive producer Michael Gelman even said in a statement, “The actual concept of the show, in a symbolic sense, is that they are husband and wife.” “They have their coffee mugs and they’re talking about what’s going on,” he said, per hollywood reporter, Although Ripa and Consuelos are passionate about the show’s core goal, their concern for its well-being goes beyond their own roles.

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