Who Is ‘Queer Eye’ Host Bobbi Burke’s Husband? Davy Doe is a surgeon

strange eyeThe seventh season premieres May 12 on Netflix, and fans will be wondering about the Fab Five’s love lives as they help their heroes navigate their lives. Bobby Burke, an interior design specialist, is married. Her husband, Davy Dow, is a maxillofacial surgeon. Although not much is known about their relationship (the Instagram account is private), the information about them is good.

the couple reportedly They began dating in 2004, according to an Instagram post Burke shared in 2019. “15 years of love, support and fun with my favorite person.” He has written. In a July 2018 Facebook post, Burke gave fans a better idea of ​​how many years he and Doe have been married. “Six years ago, my husband and I said ‘I do’ and were actually married by a very close friend of ours who was officiated,” she wrote. ,We got married as soon as it was legal to marry And it was important for us to show our pride to the world through an expression of love.

Burke told People He They almost forgot some important paperwork for the big day. ,[The friend who officiated the wedding] Never sent in the correct paperwork,” he revealed. “We found out at the end of the year when we were like, ‘Why haven’t we got our marriage certificate?’ We weren’t technically married. In order to get married before the end of the year, we had to run to the courthouse in downtown New York City to make sure our taxes were filed properly.

The couple previously lived in NYC moving to los angeles in 2018 , a few months ago Burke auditioned for and was eventually cast. strange eye, In 2019, Burke opened up about the possibility of them having children. “My husband’s always like, ‘I don’t want to be a single parent. You’re always gone,'” Burke told People, “90 percent of the time I am.” However, the couple aims to see each other every week. “He’ll fly to wherever we’re filming or when I can go home,” Burke explained. “So usually two weeks is the max time we go without seeing each other.”

He also joked that he would probably need a different home because his home was “not kid-friendly” at the time.

However, when they are not at home, they are constantly traveling. Costa Rica, Cambodia, Vietnam, Venice and Maui are among the places the couple have visited together.

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