What Is Mary From ‘Queer Eye’ Doing Now? Sisterhearts Thrift Store gets a facelift

While vacationing in New Orleans more than 20 years ago, strange eye season 7 hero Mary Henderson-Uloho Arrested. “I met a guy. We were having fun when the police stopped us,” she told Episode 6 of the Netflix reality series. “They wanted me to lie on this guy. I didn’t talk. I refused.” After spending 12 and a half years in prison on parole for obstruction of justice, Mary, a mother of seven children, remained in Louisiana rather than return to her home in Dayton, Ohio.

In order to “focus on surviving inside the prison,” Mary said, she had to shut down the maternal part of her brain. Not only did she miss seeing her children grow up – something that weighed heavily on Mary’s mind – but her first son passed away in a motor vehicle accident while she was behind bars. The 65-year-old describes not being able to go to her child’s funeral as a “breaking point”. “Prison dehumanized me, demoralized me, and demoralized me,” she explained. “Something happens to your brain in prison where you can’t do your time inside if your mind is outside.”

Within a year of her release from prison, in June 2014, Mary founded Sisterhearts, Inc., which includes a thrift store and includes a decarceration program focused on providing a safe environment for formerly incarcerated individuals to achieve their goals with dignity. According to the non-profit’s website, the program is centered around incarceration, providing a space for healing while rehumanizing people who have suffered from the trauma of incarceration. SisterHearts also provides personal development training, transportation, bank account support, driver’s license support and other resources to help returning citizens reintegrate into society.

as his partner and strange eye The nominator, Anthony Taylor, whom Mary met through Sisterhearts, told the show he spent all his time helping people recover from prison trauma, but no one ever helped him through his struggles. This partly contributed to Mary’s difficulty seeing value in herself. However, with some help from the Fab 5, she was able to begin to sort out some of the issues, such as those relating to her role as a mother. After Mary finds a way to forgive herself, the guys surprise her with a mini family reunion, giving her a fresh start with her children and grandchildren.

Ahead of Season 7 premiere in May 2023, Mary describes her strange eye filming experience In an interview with a local CBS affiliate. According to the owner of Sisterhearts Thrift Store, she knew she had been cast as a hero, but did not know when the crew would arrive for the shoot, which lasted approximately four days. Mary said, “I stayed in a hotel and I didn’t talk to anyone outside, and they took me to get my hair done, make up, get dressed.” “I mean, it was the most phenomenal you could ever imagine, and those people really are who they appear on TV.”

While it’s unclear what progress she’s made in her relationships with her kids since filming wrapped, Sisterhearts is thriving. a after mary live fashion show In January, she announced that she was thrift store revival ahead of a plan strange eye Viewing Party. “We are now developing a boutique inside the thrift store,” she wrote in April, previewing some newly painted murals in the “new and improved” shop.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is how invested Mary’s heart still is in helping to improve her community.

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