What is life like today for Queen Camilla’s ex-husband

“The Crown” is filled with irresistible drama inspired by the royal family and their many controversies throughout history. If you’re a fan of the show, you may remember the episodes depicting the romantic relationship involving Princess Anne and Andrew Parker Bowles. It turns out that there is some truth to this semi-fictional portrayal, but things didn’t exactly go the way they were portrayed in “The Crown.”

Prince Charles’ biographer, Sally Bedell Smith, writes about the alleged affair in her book “Prince Charles: The Passion and Paradox of an Improbable Life”. She claimed the pair dated but were unable to marry because Andrew is Catholic. Thus, the relationship ended before things got serious. Bedell Smith claimed that the romance ended on good terms. “Even when their romance eventually fizzled out, they remained lifelong friends,” the author write,

You may recall that “The Crown” alleges that Andrew was involved with Anne while Camilla was seeing King Charles. Vanity Fair Told that Bedell Smith thinks this detail was fabricated for the show. The author said, “The Crown is a fictionalized portrayal of the royal family.” “And it’s beautifully done, beautifully written, beautifully acted. But, because of that, audiences take it at face value. A lot of it is made up.”

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