What Caused Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak and Kroy Berman’s Split?

Divorce is never a good thing, but when money gets involved, an already difficult situation can get downright messy. Unfortunately, that seems to be the case for Kim Zolciak and Kroy Berman. For a long time there is financial crisis in the relationship of both.

according to a formula People, It was the couple’s debt that drove them apart and led them on the path of separation. They’ve struggled with their finances for years, but the foreclosure on their mansion and the burden of more than $1 million in unpaid taxes seem to seal their fate, the source explained. The pressure was immense, leading to their messy split.

The tension seems to be taking a toll on both sides as another People source claims that neither Zolciak nor Berman have been “cordial” to each other. In the divorce filing, Zolciak wrote that their marriage was “irreversibly broken down with no hope of reconciliation.”

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