Thomas’ obsession with Asha on The Bold and the Beautiful explained

Thomas Forrester successfully marries Hope Logan, but his marriage ends when Liam learns that baby Beth is baby Phoebe. After learning that he had withheld the information that his daughter was alive, she could not stomach the sight of him. However, Thomas was not one to sit tight and give up so easily. At every turn, he attempted to win Hope back away from Liam, but the introduction of a new Forrester Creations model was a game-changer.

Designed for the Hope for the Future fashion line, it bears an eerie resemblance to Hope. In fact, it was an exact doppelganger, and while the mannequin should have been discarded, Thomas had something else in mind. At first, all Thomas talked to was the mannequin, using it as a surrogate for Hope. Slowly, things progressed into much darker territory, and the mannequin began talking to Thomas.

This fueled his obsession with Hope and encouraged him to do dangerous things to get her back. At one point, Thomas managed to raise the creep factor to a whole new level by getting physically intimate with the mannequin. Hope’s husband is fooled when he sees Thomas making a mannequin, thinking it is Hope. Eventually, Thomas is caught with the mannequin by Hope, and a medical disorder is exposed as the cause of his hallucinations.

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