This ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Necklace Theory About Scandalous Is Surprising Fans

There’s probably no bigger clue to Tom Sandoval and Raquel Lewis’ affair than their Lightning Bolt necklaces, a clue that initially went over everyone’s head. but a seemingly perfect scene vanderpump rules This proves that the origin of jewelry is very different from what is expected. in the episode of May 10 pump ruleIn what was supposed to be the Season 10 finale before #Scandoval broke, Raquel is seen buying a Lightning Bolt necklace at West Hollywood boutique Polkadots and Moonbeams with Charlie Burnett, calling it “retail therapy,” and it’s giving fans a His affair is giving a new perspective.

After #Scandoval surfaced in March, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that Sandoval and Raquel were sporting similar lightning bolt necklaces in several Instagram posts from months earlier, but didn’t quite match. Some even have Sandoval wearing his pump rule Promo pics as he looks at Raquel. Most viewers assumed they bought the necklace together as a secret sign of affection for each other, but seeing Raquel buy it on her own gives it a whole new context. (The Caitlin Nicole Pendant Originally retailed for $780, but a source told page six He he bought it at a discount.)

Viewers now know that Raquel and Sandoval had secretly hooked up at least once by this point, while he was still with then-girlfriend Ariana Madix. Given this knowledge, Twitter thinks that Raquel could have bought the necklace as a declaration of her love for Sandoval and a sign that she wanted to channel her efforts into a full-blown relationship. Naturally, fans have a lot of mixed opinions about that theory.

Some fans are even citing that scene as evidence of the latter pump rule Despite Andy Cohen and Bravo’s producers strongly denying this claim, the episode has been re-edited in light of the scandal.

Whatever the necklace means to Sandoval and Raquel, there’s every possibility that the accessories will be addressed in the three-part Season 10 reunion, which begins airing May 17 on Bravo.

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