The Forgotten Hallmark Movie Featuring Happy Days Star Henry Winkler

The holiday season is filled with days of joy in the movie “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” HENRY WINKLER stars as Uncle Ralph, who spends the festive season with his by-the-book niece, Jennifer (BROOKE BURNS). However, her carefully laid plans are turned on its head when her uncle comes home with a handsome plus one – chef Morgan (Warren Christie), whom she met at the airport. Uncle Ralph is a matchmaker of sorts, who upends the Christmas season by trying to get his niece and Morgan together. However, Jennifer already has a boyfriend – he just happens to be one that her overbearing uncle doesn’t like.

While Winkler’s appearance was a treat for fans, he too felt the same acting chops in the Hallmark film. They told Deseret News It was “a holiday gift to me for participating in it.” The actor grew up celebrating Hanukkah, but of making this Christmas movie, he said, “I had a perfect, incredibly enjoyable and wonderful time making this movie and hopefully, it shows.”

With Winkler’s success on camera in this charming film, it’s hard to believe that at one point she struggled to find roles that weren’t like her “Happy Days” character.

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