Possible premiere date, cast, plot, and what else to know

when hulu’s Great returned on May 12 for Season 3, with Katherine and Peter’s relationship on the brink. “Marriage counseling is…we play a lot of games, a lot of talk happens, there’s a marriage witch involved who helps us – or doesn’t help us that much,” elle fanning, who plays Catherine the Great, teased during a Deadline event in April. “This is my favorite season yet – by far. I think we all felt that way while filming this.”

Hulu has yet to upgrade though Great For Season 4, the reign of the historical dramedy is likely to continue. Executive producer Marion McGowan told Decider in 2020 that they initially planted six seasonsand they believe that “there is enough material to carry us [Catherine] There is an old lady. The following year, however, series producer Tony McNamara said he was not sure. how many seasons The show will go on.

“I know a whole bunch of events that are interesting that you can get the hang of things,” McNamara said. hollywood reporter In November 2021. At the end of Season 2, I had no idea what Season 3 was. I don’t like not knowing what comes next. If you have a great ensemble and a great set of characters, you can go invent for a while. ,

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As you wait for the streamer’s decision either way, here’s everything to know about a potential fourth season Great,

Great season 4 cast

Although no casting announcements are forthcoming, Fanning stars in season 3: Nicholas Hoult (Peter III/Pugachev), Phoebe Fox (Mariel), Adam Godley (Archie), Gwilliam Lee (Grigor), Charity Wakefield (Georgina), Douglas Hodge (Velmentov), ​​Sacha Dhawan (Orlo), Bayo Gbadamosi (Arkady), and Belinda Bromilo (Aunt Elizabeth).

Fanning, who is also an executive producer of the series, also previewed that actors Grace Moloney and Freddie Fox (Queen Agnes and King Hugo of Sweden, respectively) will appear in a “huge rolein Season 3. Also in the limelight is Henry Meredith, who plays Maxime, Marcial’s child-husband. Calling Meredith a “scene stealer” in an Entertainment Weekly interview, Fanning joked that the child actor “wanted to be in the blooper reel because that’s the only thing his friends could see. So he wanted Mess Up Be for bloopers only.

Great Possible premiere date for season 4

Filming for season 3 reportedly took place between July and December 2022, ahead of a May premiere. Depending on whether or not Hulu greenlights Season 4, it’ll likely return for May 2024 Great Still seems to be in the realm of possibility.

This post will be updated with more Great Season 4 details now available.

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