Meghan McCain Claims Donald Trump Will Have a Surprise 2024 Result in CNN Town Hall

Meghan McCain Has Made No Secret of Her Hatred of Her Former President Donald Trump daily Mail Op-Ed. He wrote that “the bad orange man [was] In his element during a CNN town hall, “despite being completely ignorant of the truth”. It took him so long to order the rebels to retreat on 6 January).

Still, McCain stressed, this does not necessarily indicate a victory in 2024. In fact, quite the opposite. McCain pointed to the former president’s dismal record of supporting Republican candidates who lost their elections. His “utterly shameless” misogynist attitude won’t go down well with suburban moms, whose votes he hopes to garner. Then there’s Trump’s proposal to end mail-in ballots and limit the election process to just one day. This, McCain explained, would automatically eliminate more than 10 million potential votes for him.

“Trump may win the nomination, but he will lose the general election,” she wrote. “As of Thursday morning, CNN was feeling the heat — but liberals should thank them.” Trump is unfazed by McCain’s prediction. As he insisted on Truth Social: “People are criticizing CNN for giving me a platform to tell the truth. I believe what they did with the sky high ratings was a very smart thing that Haven’t seen him in a long time.” (Via Twitter,

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