How Jan Kramer juggles life as a mom with her busy career

With a busy acting and music career, and collaborations with brands like LULUSIMONSTUDIO, Jana Kramer doesn’t have much time for herself. And as a mother of two young children, Kramer has worked hard to strike a balance between her home life and her career. “I’m learning how to juggle it better,” she tells TheList. “I do a good job [making sure that] When the kids are at home, the phones are away, the phones are off, the work gets done. I usually pick it back up when the kids go to bed, but during the day when they’re at school, I think, ‘It’s time for me to get over it and not be lazy.'” Luckily. The “One Feels Like Tree Hill” star has found a way to juggle all of her career success while simultaneously raising her family.

However, Kramer isn’t worried if her working life slows down a bit at some point, as there are always new opportunities ahead. She tells List, “There are seasons for it all.” “It’s been a slow start to the year with the work stuff, so now it’s starting to pick up, and that gets me excited.” After splurging herself in her Mother’s Day-inspired collection for LULUSIMONSTUDIO, Kramer has proven she’s every bit as creative in the fashion world as she is in other aspects of her life. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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