Dolly Parton’s 2023 ACM Awards Wardrobe Brought the Spice (And Not the Style)

Admittedly, Dolly Parton made a fun entrance after being introduced by ACM Awards host Garth Brooks as one of country music’s GOATs. The “9 to 5” singer entered the stage in a pink and white wagon pulling a literal goat. While we appreciate the bit and even the corny goatee jokes, her outfit earned the singer a spot among the worst dressed stars at the 2023 ACM Awards.

Parton wore a bright green knee-length dress covered in large sequined flowers. While the design itself will be eye-catching, the outfit will also feature confusing cutouts. In addition to the exposed shoulders, fishnet-lined cutouts moved down the sides of the dress to meet at the V-shaped neckline.

While we love that Parton still chooses revealing and spicy outfits in an age when many women are pressured to dress more modestly, the floral and fishnet combo was a confusing fashion choice. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only outfit the “Coat of Many Colors” artist was lacking at the 2023 ACM Awards show.

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