Your skin’s undertone can work in harmony with your blush color to create a more subtle look.

To figure out which blush color is right for you, you need to know what your undertone is. Determining your undertone can be done through a few different processes. The easiest way to determine the undertone of your skin is to look at the color of your veins. Looking at your wrist, check to see what color they are in natural light. If they lean more toward purple or blue, you have a cool undertone. Green veins indicate a warm undertone, while mixed means your undertone is neutral.

If you have dark skin, it can be difficult to tell your undertone from your veins alone. You can look at different skin tones to find out what your undertone is. When you look in the mirror, do you mainly see yellow and golden colors under the surface of the skin? You have a warm undertone. On the other hand, seeing red and purple colors means that you have a cool undertone. The jewelry test also works for finding your undertone: If you look better in gold jewelry, you warm, while sparkles in silver indicate a cool undertone.

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