Why Margot Robbie Never Thought A Barbie Movie Would Go Into Production

When Robbie was first handed the script for “Barbie”, she was convinced that the studio would not let her do it. Robbie explained that the film’s concept, which explores Barbie’s influence on modern society and the expectations surrounding beauty standards, sounded great but she was skeptical that it would be greenlit.

Robbie told BAFTA (via indiewire), “The first time I read the script for ‘Barbie,’ my reaction was, ‘Ah! That’s great. What a shame it’ll never see the light of day because they’ll never let us make this movie. ‘ But he did.” Robbie couldn’t elaborate on her comments when asked more about the same as she couldn’t reveal more details about the film, however, the second teaser trailer might have given a hint as to what the actress was talking about. Was. The setting of the film looks grand and flaunts a supernatural, fantasy setting that promises to transport the viewers to a whole new world.

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