Who was Kayla Brady’s first love on Days of Our Lives?

Although the love of Kayla Brady’s life has always been Steve Johnson, there was a time before she met Steve when she was head over heels for another Salem resident. In Kayla’s early years on “Days of Our Lives” she had a relationship with David Banning, but it was Chris Kosychek who really stole her young heart. Chris was Kayla’s first love and the first man she was intimate with. However, Chris’ refusal to fully commit to a long-term relationship with Kayla caused the pair to split. Kayla leaves Salem before returning and meeting Steve Johnson.

Longtime “Days of Our Lives” viewers will likely remember Chris as a ladies’ man who had several relationships during his time on the soap opera. Chris housed the likes of Mary Anderson, Amanda Howard, Brooke Hamilton, Tess Jenning, Leslie Landman, Savannah Wilder and Sandy Horton in Salem during that decade. The character was played by actor Josh Taylor, who would step into the role of Roman Brady, Kayla’s older brother, a few years after Chris’s departure.

Many fans may also remember that Jake Kosicek, Chris’s brother, appeared as the Salem Strangler. Although Chris left Salem in 1987, Taylor reprized the character in 2022 during the show’s spin-off “Beyond Salem”. Meanwhile, Kayla became one of the most important characters on Susar.

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