What Hallmark’s Alison Sweeney Loves Most About Being a Mom

Alison Sweeney is best known for playing sassy mom Sami Brady on “Days of Our Lives,” but in reality, the actor has a much different family life. In fact, the Hallmark star says that what she loves most about motherhood is simply watching her two children, Benjamin and Megan, become what they are quickly becoming.

Sweeney previously said, “I think the most rewarding part is knowing you see your kids flourish and find the things they’re good at and celebrate them and encourage them.” closure weekly, Sweeney stresses his children, revealing that his son is an excellent tennis player. ,[There’s a lot of] I am proud that I am enjoying it. I am really proud of him for being successful and the feeling of confidence that comes from that. That’s why I love encouraging my kids to get out there and follow their dreams. [she’s from] Such a different generation – this YouTube generation – like they don’t see it the same way I grew up with it, so we have to see.”

It seems like Sweeney has definitely encouraged her kids to shoot for the stars, and it seems like the actor is focused on putting family first while cultivating his own successful career.

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