Understanding the Different Types of Acne Breakouts (And the Best Ways to Treat Them)

If your acne breakouts consist of small, red spots, you are likely dealing with papules. These spots can be bothersome, but they are still considered a mild form of acne. medical news today, Papules are raised spots without a light or dark head – instead, the spots and the surrounding skin are pink, red, or purple in color. These spots may feel tender to the touch, but they should not cause much discomfort. If you notice severe pain or swelling, you may have a nodule instead of a papule, according to healthline, Nodular acne is deep rooted in the skin and requires a dermatologist to treat it.

Papules can be caused by bacteria, sebum, hormonal changes and certain lifestyle factors (such as stress and poor dietary intake). They often stay for a few days and then turn into boils. For any type of bump, it is best to avoid touching the skin to avoid irritation or scarring.

To control papular acne breakouts, American Academy of Dermatology Association suggests washing twice a day with a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid cleanser. If you notice multiple spots or spots that don’t go away, see a doctor, who may prescribe topical medications, antibiotics, or drugs to balance hormones, such as birth control pills or spironolactone.

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