The Time Michelle Stafford Played Sheila Carter on The Young and the Restless

Even though Sheila Carter may be running around Los Angeles on “The Bold and the Beautiful” with her original face these days, it wasn’t always that way. At one point in “The Young and the Restless”, Sheila surgically alters her face to resemble Genoa City resident Phyllis Summers. Phyllis was best friends with Sheila’s longtime enemy, Lauren Fenmore, so this was the perfect disguise to get close to her and cause the ultimate chaos.

Sheila’s disguise is discovered by Paul Willems (Doug Davidson), and what he finds is much more than he expected. At the time, Lauren was a new mother to Fenmore, her child with her husband, Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc). The Phyllis lookalike (Sheila) was buying children’s clothes and storing them in a secret location. It wasn’t difficult for Paul to put the pieces together about Sheila’s plan. After taking Sheila to an undisclosed location, Paul learns that Sheila has set up a crib, which appears to house Lauren’s future kidnapped child.

Paul successfully plays Sheila at her own game, securing her inside his trap and faking her death, but Sheila is often able to escape even the worst of scenarios and emerges mostly unscathed on the other end. With everyone off guard, Sheila (still looking like Phyllis) prepared to implement the next phase of her grand plan.

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