The classic soap where Kevin Bacon got his showbiz start

In the early 1980s, Kevin Bacon was an aspiring star who already had a soap opera credit to his name after portraying the role of Todd Adamson in the 1979 New Idle Sudder “Search for Tomorrow”. Tim “TJ” Werner starring on “Guiding Light”. Bacon reprises the role, stepping in for the character after actor TJ Hargreaves left the soap. During his year-long stint as Tim Werner, Bacon’s storylines revolved around the fact that his teenage character was also an alcoholic. The actor left the soap opera in 1981 and moved on to bigger roles.

Despite his film success, he later returned to his TV roots when he headlined a television show called “The Following”. While Bacon’s time in Hollywood has been long and entertaining, the star had to juggle dual roles as an actor and a waiter early in his career. He worked at the All State Cafe, which was once a popular bar in New York City.

Even after earning money for acting roles, Bacon admitted that he needed his cafe job to make ends meet. The actor recalled in 2019 during an interview with “The Corp” podcast, “I went through the money like that. I just went through it, and had to get my job back as a waiter.” cnbc, “Honestly, it was a great lesson,” he said.

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