The Classic Soap Where Alec Baldwin Got His Show Biz Start

Alec Baldwin may be a household name now, but that was not true in the 1980s when he was just beginning his acting career. Baldwin’s first TV gig was on the daytime soap opera “The Doctors”, where he played Billy Aldrich, a bad boy character who caused problems for several other characters. The show was canceled in 1982, and Baldwin went on to star in “Knots Landing”, which he later admitted was one of the most important roles of his career. However, Baldwin is still proud of what he accomplished during his days on “The Doctors”.

“When I started ‘The Doctors,’ the show was the lowest rated of them all. Magazines wouldn’t come over to my house to take pictures of me. I quickly learned that ‘The Doctors’ wouldn’t make me famous, wouldn’t even make a soap opera famous,” Baldwin told soap opera digest, stating that he was unhappy with the writing of the show. However, he now sees the experience as great training for his career.

He added, “Today, I know that at the simplest level, a soap is an excellent source of training for young actors.” “There are very few situations in which an actor is asked to work harder than in a soap opera. Much of what can be learned is done outside the extreme notoriety of other mediums such as films.”

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