Princess Anne is further down the line of succession than you think

When she was born in 1950, Princess Anne was near the top of the royal succession list: number three. George VI, Anne’s grandfather, was still on the throne, so Queen Elizabeth was first, followed by Prince Charles. However, once Anne’s brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, were born, she lost her place in line, thanks to the tradition at the time of sons being heirs to the throne, known as male primogeniture. used to go. As the Queen became grandmother and great-grandmother, Anne moved further down the line, becoming number 16 by 2023.

Now that Charles is king, William the Prince of Wales is first in line, followed by his children, then Prince Harry and his children. After that, it passes to Andrew and his descendants, then Edward and his children, before descending on Anne’s family. In 2013, the rules of succession were changed when the UK Parliament passed a law ending male primogeniture for anyone born after October 28, 2011. declared the then Prime Minister David Cameron, per woman and home, “There is a difference with the modern countries that we have become.” While the update doesn’t change Anne’s place in line, the legislation will make a big difference to Princess Charlotte, the middle child of Wales. In addition to keeping her place ahead of her younger brother, if Charlotte has children, they will also be ahead of Prince Louis.

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