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halfway through no statement made The revival’s inaugural run, fans had already heard that Miranda Cosgrove’s Carly Shay and co. will return for another season on Paramount+. They weren’t as lucky in round 2, but just a few weeks later no statement made The season 2 finale aired on June 3, Paramount+ Announces Season 3 Renewal,

,no statement made“The loyal fan base grew up with Carly, Spencer and Freddie, and now have fallen in love with Harper and Millicent as well,” Tanya Giles, chief programming officer of streaming for Paramount+, said in a July 27 statement. Diversity, adding that the streamer is “thrilled” to have the cast return for a third season. “We know that Paramount+ also has a growing YA audience. And I, for one, must find out what happens to #Creddie!

Before the end of the second instalment, no statement made Showrunner Ali Scouten told Entertainment Weekly she felt season 2 was a “much more confident show”. In general. “I think we understand what the show is about a lot better, and we’ve been able to approach things a little more mature than what we were doing,” she said in June. “I’m really proud that we were able to attend [what it’s like] Being a woman on the internet and things like that this season.

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Now that the show has officially been renewed for a third season (making it the ninth no statement made season total), here’s everything we know so far.

no statement made season 3 cast

In addition to Cosgrove, Paramount+ confirmed that core no statement made The cast — including Nathan Kress (Freddie), Jerry Trainor (Spencer), Laci Mosley (Harper), and Jadyn Triplett (Millicent) — will return for Season 3.

Although Janet McCurdy’s Sam did not return no statement made For either revival season, there’s always a chance — albeit very slim — that could change. Season 2 featured a number of recurring and guest stars, with several actors reprising their roles from the original Nickelodeon series. Among them were Mary Scheer (Mrs. Benson), Josh Peck (Paul), Rachel Bloom (McKenna), Jeremy Rowley (Lubert), and Mia Serafino (Pearl), as well as many others. RuPaul’s Drag Race competitors.

no statement made season 3 plot

The cliffhanger of the season 2 finale focused on the possibility that the “Creedy” shippers might finally get their wish after 15 years. When Pearl accuses Carly and Freddie of being in love with each other, neither of them denies it. His EW In the interview, Scouten pointed to the fact that Freddy was the last person Carly faked on the show. “Maybe there’s something that’s really stuck in there. Maybe the reason Carly doesn’t date is because she’s stuck with Freddy,” she hinted. “Now, the other side could argue that Carly was just working on herself and that’s not great, and she wasn’t focused on dating. So there’s two ways to look at it. And I don’t know which of the two None of which is completely wrong.

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While looking forward to Season 3, Schouten said they would have to “deal with their feelings to Freddie and Carly, or, lack thereof, now that it’s out there,” something he sarcastically teased “wouldn’t be uncomfortable at all.” The showrunner continued, “I think just whether or not to continue to delve into the possibility of that relationship, at least the focus has to be on coming back.”

Before the finale aired, Cosgrove and Kress told E daily pop on June 1st that they still don’t know if “credi” will, “I wish we had better information, more definite material, but it hasn’t even been officially decided,” Kress explained, referring to the finale as “a very important episode for Creedy fans”. . Both the actors admitted in a separate interview reach hollywoodHowever, they would like their characters end together at some point.

Elsewhere, Schouten pointed out ew Harper’s flourishing career on the “design side, not just the style side” of fashion would continue to be part of her evolution. She also pointed to the fact that Millicent now has a boyfriend (Finn Carr’s Derek Fox-Lubiner), something she thinks will “continue to be fun” if they “are able to bring him back.”

no statement made season 3 trailer

no statement made season 3 trailer, which Paramount+ dropped on May 11, teases that adulthood will continue to be complicated for Carly and her crew. As she and Freddie (#Creddie) struggle to redefine their relationship, Spencer seeks to return to her roots, and Harper’s reunion with an old rival leads to an unexpected result, Streamer. As per the official details of. The sneak peek also wastes no time in teasing the near-kiss between Carly and Freddy. “Is this really happening?” he asks, to which Carly replies, “It took us a long time.” It certainly looks like ‘Credie’ may finally be a reality.

no statement made season 3 premiere date

Paramount+ is premiering the first two no statement made Season 3 episodes drop June 1, with subsequent new episodes dropping weekly on Thursdays.

This post will be updated with more no statement made Season 3 details have become available.

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