Jennifer Lopez’s kids live a very luxurious life

according to a survey conducted by American Institute of Certified Public AccountantsIn the United States, the average child support in 2019 was approximately $30 per week. That might seem like a pretty hefty chunk of change if you grew up in a typical household, but for Max and Emme Muniz, it’s not much. There’s no official word on what the twins get as an allowance, or if they even get one, but we do know one thing. They go shopping… a lot.

Money is no object and Lopez isn’t afraid to spend it on her kids. In 2014, during a trip to Paris Fashion Week, Lopez took the time to take the 6-year-old twins on a shopping spree. In form of daily Mail It was reported at the time that Lopez’s daughter toured several stores in the French capital, pouncing on a toy swan in a shop window and finally leaving with her arms wrapped around a giant stuffed bear.

And they don’t just go shopping when they’re on vacation. Her twins are no strangers to Rodeo Drive, The Grove in Los Angeles, or exclusive boutique shops. In 2021, Lopez and husband Ben Affleck were seen browsing stores in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles with Ben’s son, Samuel Affleck, and Lopez’s daughter. Fun for the whole family.

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