How many children did Audrey Hepburn have?

While Hepburn worked tirelessly to become a star, she worked even harder to be a devoted mother to her children. Hepburn met actor and director Mel Ferrer at the premiere of “Roman Holiday”. A year later, when Hepburn was 24, the couple married. In the years that followed, the film star attempted to become pregnant with little success, enduring traumatic experiences of stillbirth and miscarriage. In 1960, Hepburn gave birth to her first son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer.

Hepburn and Ferrer divorced in 1968, and he married Andrea Doty the following year. Dottie was a psychiatrist-neurologist whom he met during his travels. Together, they had Hepburn’s second son, Luca Dotti. The marriage ended in divorce in 1982.

For most of their sons’ childhoods, they lived in the Swiss countryside. While none of Hepburn’s marriages solidified, she certainly kept it together as a loving mother to her sons. Today, both Luca Dotti and Sean Hepburn Ferrer have followed in their mother’s footsteps and worked in the film industry and philanthropy.

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