How Ivanka Trump Is Distancing Herself From Her Father Since Leaving the White House

Thanks to the fraud trial that Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, their sons and some of their officials are facing, the court has ordered New York State Attorney General Letitia James to assist in her case against the former president on behalf of the Trump Organization. Appointed an officer to oversee the finances. As a result, Ivanka’s professional finances were being monitored. However, she didn’t have it, and her lawyers managed to get her out of it, appealing to the court a few days after the financial monitoring was imposed.

Ivanka’s lawyers claimed she had not been involved in her father’s businesses since joining the White House administration in 2017. At least January 2017,” claimed Ivanka’s lawyers Independent,

Even though the appeal was successful, Ivanka is still not off the hook, as Ms. James’s office still suspects her of wrongdoing. The civil complaint from the attorney general’s office states that Ivanka was “a key player in several transactions” that are being investigated. While that’s not yet clear, Ivanka’s move to appeal for financial oversight on her behalf, as well as her decision to hire her own attorneys to handle the case, clearly indicate that she is seeking to distance herself from her father. trying to make.

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