Here Are the Real-Life Partners of Netflix’s You Cast

In Season 2 of “You,” we were introduced to Luv Quinn, an ambitious but deeply troubled (that’s to put it mildly) baker, played by the incredibly talented Victoria Pedretti. She became a series regular for seasons 2 and 3 after her breakout role in Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House,” as she became the next victim of Joe Goldberg’s — forgive us — Will Bettelheim’s obsession. Later, in Season 3, Love has a forbidden love affair with her younger neighbor Theo Engler, played by Dylan Arnold. Their chemistry was something you just can’t fake. (And, spoiler, they didn’t.)

In November 2021, after photos surfaced of Pedretti and Engler working together, a source for entertainment tonight revealed, “Victoria Pedretti and her ‘U’ co-star, Dylan Arnold, are dating and have been around for a few months.” So of course, fans were bummed.

In October 2021, Pedretti spoke with Eli about her character’s relationship with Theo, saying, “She gets a glimpse of how she should be treated, where someone is genuinely concerned about her well-being in a way that her mother- The father doesn’t really show any respect for her, and her husband doesn’t show much respect, her brother doesn’t show much respect.” When asked about his character’s age difference, Pedretti commented, “Age difference? He’s definitely not a kid. … I mean, Dylan is actually a year older than me, so he There’s Hollywood for you.”

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