Donald Trump savagely mocks E. Jean Carroll’s allegations after trial verdict at CNN town hall

During a CNN town hall with Donald Trump on May 10, former White House reporter Kaitlan Collins asked if he thought the decision would affect his ability to run for president again in 2024 (via) Twitter, Trump stuck to his claim that the entire lawsuit was fabricated as an effort to keep him out of the race. He then reiterated his earlier claim: “This woman – I don’t know her, I’ve never met her, I don’t know who she is.”

The former president drew some laughter from the crowd, mocking the notion that two strangers could be so instantly attracted to a department store, before questioning Carroll’s character. “What kind of woman meets someone and picks them up, and within minutes, you’re in the dressing room playing hanky-panky?” Trump vowed again – “on my kids, which I never do” – that he had never met Carroll before in his life.

“It’s a fake story, a fake story, a made-up story,” he insisted (specifically, not long after Trump blasted Meghan Markle for her alleged treatment of Queen Elizabeth). Undeterred, Carroll had his own simple response. he posted do, using a meme saying, “We won.” Her caption read, “Uh ladies… can I have a word with you?” Does this really mean the end of Trump’s hopes for a second term in office? Let’s say he’s beaten the odds before.

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