Do you really need to moisturize your whole body?

If you have naturally dry skin or a condition like eczema, chances are you’re already a dedicated moisturizer. However, if your skin doesn’t need moisturizer on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget about it. According to skincare experts, however, taking the time to moisturize your entire body has its benefits.

“I recommend applying body lotion daily,” says dermatologist Naison O. wesley said who wears what, “If recently showered, the best time to apply is within three to five minutes after a bath or shower to help trap moisture and restore the skin’s barrier that soaps or cleansers can trap.” may be interrupted.”

In fact, moisturizing twice a day can even be beneficial for older people. As she explained, moisturizing the body is a great way to prevent premature skin aging. “Skin often appears more wrinkled when it’s dry,” Wesley said. Wesley recommends moisturizing every inch of the body—including the often-forgotten feet.

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