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going into vanderpump rules Season 10, Fans Knew the Bravo Series Would Win a lot of drama, From the scandalous hookups and explosive arguments following Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s divorce, the trailer showed just what viewers could expect. But no one — including Bravo — could have predicted the cheating scandal with Tom Sandoval’s co-star Raquel Lewis led to his split from Ariana Madix, girlfriend of nine years.

However, the producers didn’t want to wait until the season 10 reruns to capture the fallout. “We have filming resumed But [Pump Rules] And this story will unfold on camera,” Bravo revealed in a March 6 Instagram post, featuring James Kennedy — aka Raquel’s ex-fiancé — behind a slate with a “scandowall” hashtag, on set and A new confession is ready for filming.

That’s not to say Bravo executives weren’t also looking toward the end of the season. pump rule Cast sitdown, though. “How many parts are many parts [Pump Rules] reunion???” host Andy Cohen tweeted On March 3rd, Encouraging real housewives of beverly hills alum and vpr To reply to boss Lisa Vanderpump, “Ummm one… I’m not sure I have my heart set on this.” But Andy had a solution, joking, “It’s time for you to get a pacemaker because I need you.”

How much time did LVP really have though? Here’s Everything To Know About pump rule Season 10 Reunion.

when is vanderpump rules Season 10 reunion?

three-part pump rule the reunion begins On 24 May, concluding on 7 June.

Andy previously confirmed on Instagram that Reunion taped March 23 in New York City, later teasing that Peacock customers would be able Stream Extended Version Episode K.

Will happen vanderpump rules Will Sandoval & Raquel’s Cheating Scandal Be Revealed In The Season 10 Reunion?

Because the network had already revealed that they were filming the cast’s reactions to Sandoval and Raquel’s cheating scandal in real time, drama was absolutely guaranteed to come at the reunion — even if the cast had no say in the matter. There was already a lot for. in between pump rule Among the stars who immediately supported Ariana publicly and privately were: Katy, James, Scheana Shay, LaLa Kent, and Bravo alum (and Sandoval’s ex) Kristen Doute.

Although Ariana took some time before comment publicly On #Scandoval, Lala revealed on social media that Ariana allowed her to “torch” Sandoval and Raquel — and she promised she wouldn’t hold back. Sandoval, for his part, issued a instagram apology On March 4, asked fans to exclude their family, friends, and Schwartz & Sandy’s employees and business partners from the play. After stressing that Schwartz — who fans will see hooking up with Raquel during Season 10 — “only found out about it recently” and “most certainly didn’t condemn her,” Sandoval added, I need some time to address everything else. Apologies for everything.”

What happened after Scheana and Raquel WWHL,

Since it looks like the entire cast has already jumped into the fray, Ariana probably wasn’t the only one with a big bone to pick at the reunion. Because Shayna just filmed a joint appearance with Bravo’s Raquel Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen on March 1st when he found out Regarding the cheating, she reportedly confronted her co-star. Although Raquel’s sister seemed to confirm this shayna punches him In the face, reportedly resulting from a black eye, several sources described only a “heated confrontation” when the two went after drinks in a New York City bar. WWHL,

An insider claimed, “At one point in the night, Scheana lost Raquel and then found her outside the bar on the phone with Ariana, which Scheana could hear.” page six, A heated confrontation ensued following the revelation. They went back to separate hotels and have neither seen nor spoken to each other since.

Bravo/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

On March 7, Raquel’s attorney filed a petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court for a Restraining order against Shaynaaccording to court documents obtained by People, According to TMZ, a judge granted Raquel a temporary stay order He then alleges that Scheana pushed him against a brick wall and punched him in his left eye. Raquel also reportedly included photos of her bruised eye and cut face in her court filing. The safety order stipulated that Scheana stay at least 100 yards from Raquel, her home, and her place of work, making it nearly impossible for the two of them to attend the reunion.

in a statement to us weekly On March 9, Shiana’s lawyer Neema Rahmani, Raquel denied assault claims, Calling the case “a fabrication”, Rahmani claimed that “the alleged black mark around his left eye has been there for months.” The statement continued, “Neither Scheana nor the other cast members want Raquel to proceed. The judge only heard a one-sided account of what happened, and we look forward to presenting the full and true story at the March 29 hearing.”

did raquel’s lawyer send vanderpump rules Cast cease and desist letters?

This isn’t the only legal action Raquel has taken. Although Bravolebrities are notorious for coming prepared with reunion receipts, the Reported video as “inappropriate” What Ariana found on Sandoval’s phone was probably off the table. According to Peoplethe video in question is a screen recording of facetime call between Raquel and Sandoval whom Ariana reportedly forwarded herself on her quest. The magazine reviewed a March 7 legal notice sent to the cast members, which named Sandoval as the person who “illegally” recorded Raquel’s video “without permission”.

In cease-and-desist letters, her lawyers ordered that anyone with access to the recording could delete it on their phone, the cloud, or “by any other means or means.” lala confirmed receipt about the letter in her personal email, via her Instagram Stories, expressing anger that Raquel’s attorney sent it directly to her, rather than through her legal representation. The rant resulted in the already viral line, “Send it to Darrell!” referring to entertainment lawyerDarrell D. Miller, copy page six,

did sandoval stop making movies vanderpump rules,

When Bravo cameras started rolling again in March, Sandoval reportedly Filmed scenes with both Ariana and Raquel, Tom wasn’t happy with how the scene with Raquel went and felt like it was going to portray her in a negative light. He told the producers he wanted to re-film the scene, but the producers wouldn’t do it. were,” revealed a source entertainment tonight On March 7th. “Tom told production he would no longer be shooting vanderpump rules If they don’t listen to him. However, a production source has claimed at that he still had plans to shoot more scenes with Sandoval later in the week.

what will happen on raquel vanderpump rules reunion?

gave to Raquel temporary stay order Against Scheana, fans had questions about which artists were allowed to appear at the reunion. Scheana’s lawyer explained People A reunion could be difficult if not impossible to make a film with both women. Rahmani said, “The temporary restraining order, as it stands now, currently prohibits Shayna from being within 100 yards of Rachel, so that they both cannot be physically present at the reunion.” “Potentially, one of them could zoom in and appear virtually but Scheana still cannot communicate with Rachel either directly or through an intermediary.”

However, on March 22, Raquel confirmed to E! News, “Yeah, I’ll Be attending a reunion in person,” posting the same announcement on his Instagram Stories. day ago, Scheana Reveals on that Scheananigans podcast that she “fully intends to be there in person.” Rahmani also confirmed in a statement to Bustle that reunion Shayna will indeed be present for the March 23 reunion shoot.

Raquel Lewis / Instagram Stories

Shayna wants to follow the law, but she also wants to be a part of the reunion. If Rachel attends, Shayna and vanderpump rules This will ensure that Shayna stays within 100 yards to comply with the restraining order,” explained the Los Angeles-based attorney, using Raquel’s legal first name, on March 23. “There’s no real way to get the temporary restraining order waived. So it will be in effect until the standing hearing on March 29 and will lapse if Rachel doesn’t pursue it. And if Rachel follows through, Scheana intends to call witnesses and present evidence to disprove her false accusations.

How it will happen vanderpump rules reunion work?

During the April 3 episode of his SiriusXM show, Andy Cohen LiveThe host explained that he started the day filming One-on-One Interviews With Tom, Ariana, and Raquel, however he re-asked several questions in front of the whole group. “I had my concerns. I had my things that I wanted to confront him about, things that I noticed, so I had to do that,” Andy said. “So it was a real reckoning. If you want to hear his story, you will. If you see him being confronted about what he’s done, I would say aggressively, confronting By the way, you’ll get it. . . . We shot with the group for a long time, so I feel like you’ll find what you’re looking for.

On the day of the reunion taping, Bravo also shared two different reunion seating chart – another exchange involving Raquel and another in Scheana – revealing that both were happening. Bravo later disclosed that pump rule cast reunion looks on April 3, and Ariana definitely made a sartorial statement in a racy, red cut-out number.

What is the status of Raquel’s restraining order against Scheana?

After the reunion taping, Raquel and her attorney failed to appear for a scheduled hearing on March 29, and Judge revoked his restraining orderAccording to entertainment tonight, “my team Tried to work with Scheana on a mutually beneficial agreement in the hope of obtaining [temporary restraining order] dropped first so we could film [the reunion] together,” Raquel told the outlet in a statement. “The [temporary restraining order] Intended to provide a cooling-off period after punching me, but I didn’t want to continue with the permanent [restraining order] Nor did I want to cause more pain and stress to Shayna.”

However, Scheana’s attorney denied these claims, revealing that Raquel had “served” Scheana with a document that “had no legal meaning” during the reunion. “It was a complaint or a request to dismiss the civil suit, but Rachel requested a permanent restraining order, which is completely different,” Rahmani told ET. “There’s No Way For Rachel To ‘Give Up’ First Temporary Restraining Order [the March 29] the hearing. It’s California law and even on the court’s website.”

there a vanderpump rules reunion trailer?

bravo dropped vanderpump rules season 10 reunion trailer on 11 May, teasing that Andy would reveal the full story of the “scandal that changed everything” during an “explosive” cast sit-down. After several heated confrontations – including Ariana calling Raquel “satanic, insane, subhuman” – Sandoval, who nearly comes to blows with James, is put in the hot seat to answer whether He is “in love” with Raquel. Add to that, Andy “serving” Scheana legal papers, Schwartz mixing up his timelines, and a Sandoval-Raquel sitdown, and more. Why?

With a lot to unpack, Andy likely Did Need to consider how many parts were too many for the reunion. But fans now know they will have to settle for three.

This post will be updated with more vanderpump rules Season 10 reunion details have become available.

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