Body language expert: Donald Trump restrained himself during Caitlyn Collins face-off

trump extra called Collins was a “dirty person”, an action that received cheers from the mostly Republican and/or undecided voter-viewers when he did so. Rather than respond to the insult, Collins asked Trump if he could instead answer the question of why he still had documents that had previously been submitted by the government.

However, Trump didn’t stop at insulting Collins. He also poked fun at author E. Jean Carroll for getting too much cheer from the audience. The behavior came just a day after Trump was found liable for misconduct during the sexual assault lawsuit brought against him by Carroll. Despite this, Ponce believed that Trump was in retreat. “He’s trying to control his response. For example, instead of going on the attack more, he’s being measured (by Trump standards). More so is an awareness that he can’t go to that extent.” Which brings up a sense of desperation,” he told The List.

CNN may have hoped for a more balanced discussion, but it’s safe to say that this town hall was not a success.

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