Beyonce’s “Pet Hole” Tour Outfit Reminds Fans Of ‘Death Becomes Me’

Beyoncé kicked off her Renaissance World Tour on May 10 with a nearly 3-hour-long extravaganza, and everything from her 35-song setlist to her flashy props and costumes has the Beehive abuzz. Some fans on Twitter also feel that her dazzling silver lehenga in the second act of the show resembles a scene from the 1992 film death Becomes HerThanks to the mirrored “belly hole” in the center reminding him of Goldie Hawn’s belly hole in the movie.

As revealed by creative director Nicolas De Felice, Beyoncé’s dress was custom-made by Cortez and inspired by the French fashion house Fall 2023 Mirror Collection, including the belly button piece that has been replaced with a circular mirror. It is not known what De Felice was inspired by death Becomes Her when designing a collection, but some fashion tiktokers The relationship between the two has already been made.

The cult-classic film stars Meryl Streep and Hawn as rivals who fight over a man and a magic potion for eternal youth. Their fight leads to a climax where Streep shoots a bullet through Hawn, but she hilariously survives with a huge hole in her stomach, creating a scene for the ages.

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During the show, Beyoncé fans quickly compared her second look death Becomes Her Scene. The 32-time Grammy winner was clearly inspired by the sci-fi aesthetic for her renaissance tour visuals (yes, unlike the album, the tour has visuals), and subtly paid homage to other music and culture icons throughout her shows , so it can’t be too far away.

It’s not the first time Twitter has caught parallels between Bey’s past looks and memorable outfits from the film, with one fan comparing her 2021 Grammys gown to Streep’s black revenge dress in the film.

Beyoncé hasn’t expressed any fanfare for this before death Becomes Her, But would it be all that surprising if she liked the movie? Eventually, it won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

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