Awkward Royal Balcony moments that left viewers in splits

Of course, as royal fans may remember, the 2023 coronation wasn’t the first time Prince Louis caused a bit of a scene on the balcony. Back in 2022, during the Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II, Louis was once again seen performing during the Trooping of the Color parade. During the event, he may saw Making all kinds of funny faces, covering his ears, and looking a little bored as his mother, Kate Middleton, tried to calm him down.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb explained to The List that Kate probably wasn’t angry with Louis that much. “I don’t think Kate Middleton was secretly cross with Prince Louis for misbehaving on the balcony,” she said. “I think Kate was trying to settle Prince Louis in a loving, kind and understanding way.”

However, Cobb said, there was one royal a little upset by his behavior: his older sister, Charlotte. “Charlotte has her head down, eyes closed and forehead tense,” Cobb said. “Most prominently, the muscle between his brows is contracted, indicating stress. Their mother, on the other hand, finds Louis’ outbursts a bit amusing. Chances are, Charlotte is all too familiar with her brother’s bigoted personality.” !

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