Awkward Pippa Middleton moments caught on camera

Think Wimbledon 2016. Pippa Middleton Matthews was enjoying watching the match while catching the end of a relaxed conversation with her brother, James Middleton. however, as entertainment tonight Described it, Pippa “almost wows the Wimbledon crowd in super short dress.” what actually happened? Pippa, who wore a light, white dress with a floral design, simply tried to straighten her folded skirt as she sat, which, as anyone who’s ever worn a summer frock, understands, gracefully It’s a difficult thing to do.

For Pippa, this unpleasant moment was captured in a photograph that the headline writers tried to make out to be something it was not: a shameful bid for sexual attention. But context, as they say, is everything: See additional photos featured in daily Mail And you’ll notice that her dress was actually knee length. She didn’t deserve the fetish title for choice of dress or maneuver to straighten it out.

Pippa, rightly so, laughed at the incident.

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