Worth the hype? Coin-Aman Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The third contender in the Triple Cone Cup has finally joined Cookie Run: Kingdom, with the latest update adding Coin Aman Cookie to the game’s massive character library. As a new Epic Rarity defense cookie that stands up against hugely popular options like Hollyberry and Financier, fans have high hopes.

Read on to find out if Koin Aman (pronounced “queen-e-mahn”) has what it takes to rise to the top in the extremely competitive Cookie Run: Kingdom meta.

Kouin Aman in Cookie Run: Kingdom: All you need to know


Let’s look at the different numbers for the latest Epic Cookie, starting with its various sub-stats: (Luv. 75 cookie levels and skills, full Searing Raspberry, and no Star Hype)

  • HP: 234,552
  • ATK: 47,467
  • def: 89145
  • Crit: 13%
  • Total Strength: 219,013

The numbers for her “Paladin’s Way” skill are also attached below (Lv. 75, Full Searing Raspberry):

  • Strong Regular Attack: 342.7% of ATK
  • Additional DMG per ATK SPD buff: +22.5% per x1 ATK SPD buff
  • ATK SPD: +25.0% for 8.0 seconds; stacks up to x1
  • ATK SPD debuff resistance: +50.0% for 12.0 sec; stacks up to x
  • Light-type DMG: +20.0% for 10 seconds; stacks up to x1
  • Light Strike DMG: 707.9%; Ignores 17.5% of target’s DMG resistance
  • Regular Attack ATK SPD: +4.0% for 8.0 sec; stack up to x10
  • Paladin’s Path: DMG resistance +12.5% โ€‹โ€‹upon receiving a debuff for 15.0 seconds; stacks up to x2

ATK SPD teams have become less and less popular in Cookie Run: Kingdom of Lett, and Coin Aman Cookie seems to be the developers’ way of addressing this change. It’s no coincidence that the ATK SPD-centric Cookie was released alongside Magic Candy for the Madeleine Cookie, a perfect match for the new character’s combo.

The new Cookie, on her own, puts up low numbers in both PvE and PvP considering she’s competing with the likes of Hollyberry and Financier. While she’s a viable choice for both aspects of Cookie Run: Kingdom, with solid DMG numbers and survivability, she fails to stand out in either.

However, her combo with Madeleine Cookie, if the latter is equipped with her new Magic Candy, shows a lot of promise for Cookie Run: Kingdom players interested in building an ATK SPD comp, Moonlight, or teaming up with a Looking at the possibilities of the team. Even Black Pearl as a central DPS.

There’s room for experimentation, where with the right coffers and toppings, Coin Aman will build a strong Masters-level team, but cash-strapped players looking to invest in a defense cookie are probably better off investing in more popular options like Hollyberry. understand.

Note: The article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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