Where is Pavneet from ‘Indian Matchmaking’ now? she looks lonely

although she had not yet appeared indian matchmaking Before the final episode of Season 3, Pavneet Kaur Sachdeva was way ahead of Sima Aunty’s other clients. Standing at six feet tall, the 31-year-old New Delhi resident describes herself as “daddy’s little tall girl,” explaining that her height has “always gotten a lot of attention.” This is partly the reason why Pavneet has been unlucky in dating. In her words, “boys are very self conscious” about standing next to her and also intimidated that she enjoys traveling alone and has “more work experience” than most of them. “I have felt the male ego many times,” said the PR and marketing entrepreneur.

Besides coping with toxic masculinity, Pavneet finds herself labeled a “stranger to society” in India because she is over 30 and unmarried. shed tried dating apps In the past but when many matches lied to him about his job and address he got frustrated. So she enlists the help of Sima Auntie to find her husband, whom she hopes will be passionate, courageous, creative, funny, and of course, tall. Pavneet was also optimistic that with changing times, her potential partner would be with “women doing more independently”.

enter Tushar TyagiThe 33-year-old filmmaker who had won Pavneet’s heart on their first date itself. “I think Seema aunty did a great job,” he said, describing her vibe as “amazing”. Pavneet didn’t even care that Tushar was only 5’11”. When she didn’t hear from him again for a week, he was suspicious, but accepted her explanation that her phone number was in his phone. Didn’t save, and had to call Sima Aunty to collect her marks.

Pavneet reluctantly decided to just see what happened to her next, and it appears that she and Tusshar saw each other at least once after filming indian matchmaking, Though she didn’t post any photo with him, Pavneet attended the opening night established blight Yellowstone International Film Festival In October 2022. She tagged him and his team in an Instagram post to send “to do this.”

However, it could just be a friendly invite, as Pavneet’s Instagram posts since then indicate that she is single. In February, he wrote single trip being “one of the most liberating experiences ever”, “I am so excited to experience more of this [the] Future to come.” As she added in her caption, “It’s a great feeling when I know I can plan and do things on my own.” (However, later Pavneet vacationed with her “travel buddy” mom.) On April 4, she also posted a video in which kanye west memes to explain why he’s certainly No “Talking to many people.”

However, there is a clue that supports the theory that Pavneet and Tusshar are still together, or at least on good terms. When Pavneet shared indian matchmaking season 3 trailer On his Instagram grid on April 6, Tusshar commented with a five heart-eyed emoji. Someone sharing Pavneet’s surname replied to her that she can’t wait to watch the show, prompting Tushar to reply with two see-no-evil monkey emojis. The woman followed up in Hindi: “You are wonderful the way you are.”

Looks like Tusshar might get the approval of at least one of Pavneet’s family members. Either way, he’s made no secret that he’s fine with flying solo.

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