The Best and Worst Potential Players You Can Find

90+ Prime, TOTY, or FUT Birthday Icon Upgrade SBC FIFA 23 offers players a guaranteed chance to receive a legendary card for their squads. There are three different types of icons in Squad Building Challenge. You must complete it before being eliminated from Ultimate Team.

Like all squad building challenges, there is also a completion cost of 90+ Prime, TOTY, or FUT Birthday Icon Upgrade SBCs. If you buy all the fodder from the market, it will cost around 330,000 FUT coins. It is important that you make a profit on the resources you spend. Thanks to the challenge’s huge prize pool, there are some amazing cards for you to get your hands on.

You cannot choose the final prize after completing the FIFA 23 90+ Prime, TOTY, or FUT Birthday Icon Upgrade SBC

Unlike previous versions of the same challenge, you cannot choose the final reward after completing the 90+ Prime, TOTY, or FUT Birthday Icon Upgrade SBC in FIFA 23. SBC will randomly gift you a card with a rating of 90 or higher. The item will be in one of three versions – Prime, TOTY, or FUT Birthday.

If you find a card that benefits your current team, you’ve made a return on your investment. Below are the best possible rewards you can get after completing the challenge:

  • Ronaldinho TOTY Icon
  • Ruud Gullit Toti Icon
  • ronaldo prime icon
  • eusebio fut birthday icon
  • Jairzinho FUT Birthday Icon

These five cards perform efficiently in the FIFA 23 meta, thanks to their key stats and attributes. They are in short supply to begin with, and they are barely available on the FUT market.

All of these options cost significantly more than the coins you’ll need to complete the 90+ Prime, TOTY, or FUT Birthday Icon Upgrade SBCs.


Simply put, getting any of these five cards as your potential rewards in FIFA 23 will be worth it. However, the sheer size of the prize pool also includes cards you might not want to receive, such as:

  • Christian Vieri Prime Icon
  • Rue Costa Prime Icon
  • Hernan Crespo Prime Icon
  • Gianfranco Zola Prime Icon
  • alan shearer prime icon

The market valuation of these cards has come down significantly in the last few months. His in-game stats are far from ideal, which is a major reason why many players sell him. If you still want to use them you can get them directly from the FUT Market.

However, remember that these cards are no longer as effective as they used to be. There are far better options available in the game, and some of them can be obtained for much less than the cost of an SBC.

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