Samsung Frame TVs just got their first discount in response to LG

LG Objet Pos OLED TV.

Modest TV deals can still be exciting as shown by LG’s offer on the LG Objet Collection pos. A stylish TV like none other, it’s enjoying $99 off its regular price. This means that instead of costing $1,799, it is currently $1,700. So, this isn’t a huge discount on an expensive TV, but this small price cut still adds up if you’ve been waiting to buy it. Let’s take a look at why it’s so great or you can just click that buy button straight away.

Why you should buy the LG Objet Collection Posé

LG Object Pos OLED TV back side.

The best TVs are increasingly like works of art rather than mere displays that steal much of the focus in your home. That’s certainly what we learned from Samsung’s The Frame range, but LG is getting in on the act with the LG Objet collection pose. Who can blame it? Already one of the best TV brands out there, the LG Objet Collection Posé has all the best and tons of style, too. This is one TV that is designed to look great from every angle and can fit on an easel-style stand or can even be mounted on your wall.

It’s rounded around the edges with soft and smooth lines that create a neutral look that you don’t usually see on TVs. Refreshingly, even its back can be practical as you can use it to store books, magazines, postcards and many other things. There’s also a cable and accessory organizer so you can safely store all the cables and even the remote.

As a TV, it also does a great job with OLED panels, ensuring that the color quality is exceptional and making it one of the best OLED TVs out there. It turns into a piece of art any time you’re not looking, so it blends in nicely. The LG a9 Gen5 AI processor automatically adjusts your settings to optimize picture and sound quality, no matter what you’re watching. It’s a 48-inch TV, so it’s a bit smaller than you might think, but the quality more than makes up for it. Features such as 100% color fidelity and volume with perfect blacks, 120Hz refresh rate, Dolby Vision and HDR10 support, as well as a dedicated filmmaker mode, all provide an immersive viewing experience. It also has a game optimizer mode if you are an avid gamer.

Effortlessly stylish, the LG Object Collection pose is usually priced at $1,799. Right now, you can buy it direct from LG for $1,700 so you can save $99 off the regular price. It’s a minor discount but the first true discount we’ve seen on this TV. If you’ve been waiting to let this style enter your home, this could be your chance.

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