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Free Fire fans know the importance of having the best weapons to help you dominate the battlefield. With the launch of the new season of the battle royale title, ardent followers will be excited to see the arsenal of the game. Estimating the weapon level inventory can help to get better results while playing the game. This article will focus on all the Free Fire weapons and rank them on the basis of various aspects.

The list will categorize Free Fire weapons into Tier A, B and C based on their range, accuracy, damage, rate of fire and the latest updates for buffs and nerfs in the new season.

From Launchers to SMGs, Here’s the Free Fire 2023 Weapons Tier List

1) Best Launcher


Free Fire introduces some great launchers to help players take down vehicles and groups of enemies. Depending on blast radius and damage output, these launchers are incredibly effective in both close combat and long range engagements.

The MGL140 and RG50, with their high damage output, accuracy, and speed, become the automatic choices for Tier A. However, the M79, despite having similar accuracy and better movement speed, was moved down to the B tier as it received a nerf in orbit. New season of battle royale title.

  • Level One: MGL140, RG50
  • B Tier: M79

2) best lmg

Best LMG in Free Fire 2023 (Image via Garena)
Best LMG in Free Fire 2023 (Image via Garena)

The best LMGs in Free Fire are the most powerful weapons to take out multiple enemies at once. These guns are perfect for suppressing fire and calling death to the opponents.

The M249 and Kord were automatic choices for the A tier due to their high damage output and great movement speed. The M60 has jumped into the B tier with the amateurs in this new season. Despite having similar damage output and superior accuracy to the M60, the Gatling is placed in the C tier due to its low movement speed, which makes players vulnerable when battling in open ground.

  • Level One: M249, Chord
  • B Tier: M60
  • C Tier: Gatling

3) Best SMG


SMGs are one of the most agile weapons in Free Fire. These firearms are perfect for mid-range combat. For this reason, submachine guns are a fan favorite in Free Fire. With high rates of fire, quick reloads, and low recoil, these weapons are some of the best in-game.

VSS is one of the best guns in Free Fire, which boasts of amazing damage output. It has become a beast after getting a buff in the new season. In addition, the P90 and Bizon have earned their places in the A tier, with their massive damage outputs. Other guns are placed in the B and C tiers, respectively, based on damage output and drop in other stats.

  • Level One: Vss, P90, Bison
  • B Tier: CG 15, Mach 10, Thompson, UMP
  • C Tier: Vector, MP40, MP5

4) Best Assault Rifles


Assault rifles are one of the most versatile weapons in the Free Fire arsenal. Players can use it effectively in both mid and long range combat. These weapons always deal heavy damage to opponents.

The M14, AK, Groza, and AN94 are in the A category due to their high damage output. Parafal has also reached the same echelon after getting massive buffs this season. The XM8, Plasma, and M4A1 are placed in the B tier based on their damage output. G36 also finds himself in the B tier after receiving the buff. Scar, Shield Gun and others rest in the C tier due to having the lowest damage output in this section.

  • Level One: M14, AK, Groza, AN94, Parafal
  • B Tier: XM8, Plasma, M4A1, AUG, G36
  • C Tier: Shield Gun, FAMAS, SCAR, Kingfisher

5) Best Shotgun


Shotguns are weapons for the most technically sound players in Free Fire. Despite having really high damage, these cannons are designed for close-range combat. Thus, only the most skilled players use these weapons in the game. However, after gaining enough skill, shotguns can help you kill enemies with a single shot.

Shotguns have the most damage in free fire, but the short range and accuracy make up for it. The M1887, with a damage output of 100, was bound to appear in the A tier. Trogan has received a buff this new season, and has earned his spot in the A tier on SPAS12 despite having a slightly lower damage output due to having one of the most accurate stats in this selection.

  • Level One: M 1887. trogon
  • B Tier: M1014, SPAS 12, Mag-7
  • C Tier: charge buster

6) Best snipers


Snipers are long-range weapons designed for people who like to set up ambushes. If a player prefers to eliminate enemies with just one shot, then sniper rifles will serve that purpose. With high damage and accuracy, sniper rifles are perfect for more patient and strategic gameplay.

Sniper rifles are hard to rank in the tier list because most of their stats are the same. However, with the highest range, the AWM has earned its place in the A tier. Then the KAR98K and M28B, despite being similar in damage and accuracy, are placed in the B category due to their slightly shorter range than the AWM.

Finally, with a much shorter range than other snipers on the list, the M24 is in the C tier despite having a higher top speed than other sniper rifles.

  • Level One: awm
  • B Tier: KAR98K, M28B
  • C Tier: M24

7) Best Marksman Rifles


These semi-automatic weapons are ideal for mid-range combat. There are multiple marksman rifles with high damage, accuracy and speed that can assist players.

The SVD, with great damage output, range, and movement speed, is the A-tier marksman rifle in the new season of Free Fire. The SKS and Woodpecker are placed in the B tier and the AC80 in the C tier based on their respective stat reductions.

  • Level One: S V D
  • B Tier: sks, woodpecker
  • C Tier: AC80

8) Best Pistol

Best Pistols in Free Fire 2023 (Image via Garena)
Best Pistols in Free Fire 2023 (Image via Garena)

Pistols are a favorite secondary weapon for most gamers. These guns are reliable choices for emergencies. If you’ve suddenly run out of ammo in your primary firearm’s magazines and don’t have time to reload, the pistol will be your savior.

The M1873, Hand Cannon, and Desert Eagle, with the highest damage outputs, were the obvious choices for A tier. Other pistols are ranked based on a lack of stats like damage output, accuracy, etc.

  • Level One: M1873, Desert Eagle, Hand Cannon
  • B Tier: M500, M1917
  • C Tier: USP, G18, USP-2, Mini UZI, Flamethrower

9) Best Mayhem


Melee weapons are close-range weapons that are useful for surprise attacks. There are many amazing melee equipment available in the game’s diverse arsenal. These weapons are available everywhere on the map and can help players survive until they find a gun in the game.

The Scythe falls in the A tier, with the highest damage output among Melee weapons. Machetes and katanas with slightly lower damage are placed in the B tier. Finally, the baseball pole and pan with the lowest damage of these weapons are placed in the C tier.

  • a degree: scythe
  • B Tier: machete, katana
  • C Tier: baseball pole, pan

Players can analyze through these selections and get the selections that best serve their interests. Each weapon presents a unique playstyle to use and master.

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