PMPL South Asia Championship 2023 Spring: Teams, schedule and more

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL): South Asian Championship 2023 Spring is scheduled to start from 4th May. With 20 professional teams from the South Asian region participating, their ultimate goal will be to emerge as crowned champions. The tournament, which will run till May 14, will feature the top 12 teams from PMPL South Asia and the top eight teams from Pakistan.

These teams will look to end their spring season on a strong note by earning a respectable position in the upcoming championship. Some of these have already achieved rhythm through their regional Pro Leagues.

Teams qualified for PMPL SA Spring Championship

Below is the list of qualified teams for the PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia Spring Championship:

  1. Agonxi8 Esports (Pakistan)
  2. R3gicide (Pakistan)
  3. 3X Esports (Pakistan)
  4. 52 Esports (Pakistan)
  5. Magnus Esports (Pakistan)
  6. The Seventh Element (Pakistan)
  7. Quantum Rage (Pakistan)
  8. Team TUF (Pakistan)
  9. Stalwart Esports (Mongolia)
  10. NB Esports (Mongolia)
  11. 4 Commercial Vibes (Mongolia)
  12. T2K Esports (Nepal)
  13. IHC Esports (Mongolia)
  14. DRS Gaming (Nepal)
  15. Mebetex Esports (Mongolia)
  16. Skylights Gaming (Nepal)
  17. Illumin8 Crew (Nepal)
  18. Leo Esports (Nepal)
  19. High Voltage Esports (Nepal)
  20. RAW Officer (Nepal)

surveillance teams

Agonxi8 will be one of the units to watch from Pakistan. The team has been the best team in the country for a while and has won the league stage and finals of PMPL PK 2023 Spring. Magnus Esports and 3X Esports are two other teams that have the potential to surprise at the event. Chhoto of 52 Esports had a stellar performance in the Pro League.

Stalwart Esports, the defending champions and winners of PMPL SA 2023, are expected to continue their impressive form with their four standout players. 4Merical Vibes, who have been impressive in the Pro League, are also strong contenders for the trophy, while fan favorites DRS Gaming will be eager to end their title drought.

Skylights Gaming, who have excelled over the past few weeks, will also be looking for their maiden title, while SA runners-up NB Esports have kept the momentum going.

Stalwarts Top was unbeaten during the PMPL SA Spring, winning the Most Valuable Player award at the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, DOK922 from Mongolian squad 4Mercial could shine again in the championship. His individual performances throughout the Pro League were exceptional, consistently helping his team to come back from difficult situations.

Action and Sandesh also performed exceptionally well in the Pro League.

Edited by Dinesh Renthali

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