“I f**king hate this game!”

YouTube gaming sensation Ludwig dedicated a livestream to playing a modified version of Pokémon on April 23, 2023. However, things didn’t go according to plan, as the streamer decided to cut their broadcast short at less than two hours. It all started going downhill when he faced Trainer Cikuno, who had five high-level Pocket Monsters.

After a series of intense battles, the Los Angeles-based personality lost his temper when his level 47 Pokémon’s attack missed and was eventually taken out by the opposing level 45 Gardevoir. This resulted in the YouTuber breaking out his controller and going on a long, angry rant.

Ludwig expressed his dissatisfaction with the revised version of Pokémon, saying that there is a “0% chance” of him playing it in the future. He added:

“I’m not playing the game anymore. There’s a 0% chance of playing this game, ever again in my fucking life. I hate this game! It’s just a piece of crap game. That f**king game.” Looks ugly a**t. All the songs suck! I f**king hate this game! I’m not touching this god d*mn game!”


“Today Is A Sad Day” – Ludwig Abruptly Ends His Livestream After Fury Quits Pokemon Playthrough

After being cornered and defeated by Gardevoir, Ludwig angrily smashes his controller and decides not to continue his Pokémon playthrough. He said he would never play the game again:

“F**k! F**k! I’m not playing it. I’m not playing it anymore! I’m done! I’m not playing it. I’m done with the game. I’m not Going to play now!”

He then went on to boast at length about how he despised the game and thought it was ugly. He continued, commenting that there was “not enough” originality and creativity:

“There’s not enough Pokémon originality and creativity in this. All those gossips have been banned for bullshit life. I’m not doing it! I’m done! I’m done with the game! King game. I game I’m not going to touch that again. I’m done! I’m going to react to fucking TikTok and I’m going to play Jump King. Okay? Fuck this game!”


Timestamp: 01:41:45

Moments later, Ludwig laments how powerful the Pokémon trainer Ciccuno was. Before ending his broadcast, the streamer said:

“Five Pokémon! It doesn’t even show me the level. It’s… ‘Just going to turn it off?’ No! You nonsense king! I’m going to lie down and be sad. Let me be sad! I’m sad today. Today is a sad day. I’m sad. I don’t want to play.”

Fans react to streamer’s clips

The clip of Ludwig getting angry during his Pokémon playthrough was shared on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here’s what fans had to say:

Redditors sharing their thoughts on the streamer's clip (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Redditors sharing their thoughts on the streamer’s clip (Image via r/LivestreamFail)

Several Redditors were shocked to see the streamer’s anger during his Pokémon playthrough, with one community member dubbing the incident a “classic Ludwig moment.”

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