Genshin Impact Cave Banner characters, weapons and mercy guide

Kev is an upcoming Dendro character that will be released in Phase II of Genshin Impact 3.6, which begins on May 2, 2023. It should be noted that he is the only 4-star unit confirmed for the upcoming half of Patch. Hoyverse has not yet revealed any other characters or weapons that will be featured in the event Limited Wishes.

That said, the latest Genshin Impact leak has revealed the full banner lineup for the upcoming episode. Here is a complete list of the characters and weapons that are expected to appear alongside Kaweh. Since HoYoverse hasn’t verified the banners, the information in this article is subject to change.

genshin impact 3.6 phase two character banner leaked


During the Genshin Impact 3.6 special event, Hoyverse confirmed that Baiju, Ganyu, and Keway will be in the second phase of the ongoing patch, which will begin on May 2, 2023. The developers haven’t revealed other characters and weapons yet. Banner. Based on the latest leaks, here is a list of all the units that will likely be in the Phase Two event Wishes:

  • Baiju (Dendro – Catalyst)
  • gnu (cryo-bow)
  • Kweh (Dendro – Claymore)
  • Fischl (electro-bow)
  • Candace (Hydro – Polearm)

Since both Baiju and Ganyu are 5-star characters, they will be on two different banners. However, Kaweh and other 4-star units will be featured on both banners, so fans of Genshin Impact don’t have to worry about missing Kaweh. At the same time, HXG also revealed the 4-star weapons that are likely to be on the Epitome Invocation Banner:

  • ZFalls Splendor (Catalyst)
  • Amos Dhanush (Dhanush)
  • sacrificial bow (bow)
  • Lion’s Roar (Sword)
  • Favonius Lance (Polyarum)
  • Makhaira Aquamarine (Claymore)
  • Wandering Evenstar (Catalyst)

Jadefall’s Splendor is a new 5-star catalyst And overall a good weapon in the game. The other entries on the list are also good options; However, a player should not be forced to draw this banner.

kaveh banner gacha mercy explained

Genshin Impact Gacha Description (image via hoyoverse)
Genshin Impact Gacha Description (image via hoyoverse)

In Genshin Impact, a player is guaranteed to receive at least one 4-star item every 10 pulls and one 5-star item every 90 pulls when a character event wishes. Be that as it may, a character featured on the gacha result banner is not guaranteed to happen.

The first time a player receives a new Event Wish, there is a 50% chance that they will receive a Featured 5-Star. Also, depending on summoning history, they can also 50-50 lose and get a permanent 5-star unit. In the case of 4-Star, if a player fails to get the character featured on the banner in 10 pulls, their next 4-Star will be guaranteed to be the featured character.

Finally, a player must draw 180 times to guarantee at least one copy of the Baiju or Ganyu, but anyone can obtain them before that point is reached. If they’re lucky, they can summon both under 50 bridges.

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