Finding every melee weapon profile type in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 features fun and gruesome combat as players take to the streets of Los Angeles, fighting their way through hordes of zombies. While using the various firearms in Dead Island 2 can be incredibly engaging during combat, the melee system is where the real fun is, allowing for in-depth customization. Players can get up close and personal against enemies, using different weapons to perform various physical attacks.

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These are grouped into four main “profiles”, which will be the subject of discussion in this article.

Note: Spoilers for Dead Island 2’s weapon system follow. viewer discretion is advised.

Dead Island 2 has 4 melee weapon profile types


1) Mamming melee weapons

Mamming weapons can be used by players looking to inflict dismemberment damage on zombies. This class of melee weapons is incredibly useful as they deal critical hits on any attack on the limbs and regenerate stamina in the process.

Mamming, when used correctly, can slow zombies and allow efficient harvesting of various parts for further weapon modifications.

2) Frenzy Melee Weapon

Frenzied melee weapons are made for players who want to deal fast, continuous attacks. These weapons favor speed and damage over accuracy – dealing more damage per second. Successful hits will increase your attack speed.

Equipping these weapons will result in higher critical hits on zombies and a much shorter charging duration for heavy attacks.

3) Bulldozer melee weapon

These weapons are designed to smash your way through large crowds of enemies. Slayers will love this weapon for its incredible damage output and extra stability damage.

Bulldozers will deal all heavy hit criticals from the weapon, making them highly effective against Apex Zombie variants as well.

4) Headhunter Melee Weapon

Headhunter weapons are in contrast to Bulldozer weapons, which are designed for more precise attacks against single enemies. Additionally, heavy attacks don’t slow you down while charging, increasing your agility while making for some quick execution.

Be sure to aim headshots at zombies with this class of melee weapons to deal extra damage.

How many melee weapons are there in Dead Island 2?

There are a total of 19 melee weapons that players can obtain and use in Dead Island 2, including:

  • Crescent Blade / Bear Claws
  • katana
  • machete
  • baseball bat
  • cleaver
  • Axe
  • bow-staff
  • pike
  • officer cutlass
  • Get
  • brass knuckles
  • hoe
  • claymore (sword)
  • hoe
  • meat mallet
  • hammer
  • Golf club
  • metal pipe
  • scaffold bar

Additional weapons include throwable items such as shurikens and Molotov cocktails.


Dead Island 2 was released on April 21, 2023 for PC and the PlayStation and Xbox lineup of home consoles. The game encountered difficulties during development and several delays until it was finally released worldwide by Dambuster Studios to generally positive reviews.

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