Finding each ranged weapon profile type in Dead Island 2

Each weapon in Dead Island 2 has a profile type that determines the variety of weapons in its category. Profiles can help players understand the circumstances under which a certain weapon will be used. Some firearms are suitable against a small group of zombies, while other arsenals can take down many of them without much effort.

Ranged weapons are ideal for engaging in combat from long range, with little risk of being infected and killed. While there are a lot of options in different categories, this article will explore every profile of ranged firearms available in Dead Island 2.

An analysis of every ranged weapon type available in Dead Island 2

rapid fire

Rapid-fire profile (image via Dambuster Studio)
Rapid-fire profile (image via Dambuster Studio)

As the name suggests, rapid-fire weapons can deal massive amounts of damage. Accuracy increases over time until the weapon runs out of ammo or the player stops shooting in Dead Island 2.

This type of weapon is accurate in medium to long range engagements. Stacking critical hits also increases accuracy.


Sharpshooter Profile (Image via Dambuster Studio)
Sharpshooter Profile (Image via Dambuster Studio)

Sharpshooter represents the sniper variant. These are highly damaging weapons that are hampered by their slow rate of fire. These firearms deal additional damage when within range to hit weak points.

Such weapons can hold a small number of high-caliber magazines and are generally inaccurate during hip fire. Sharpshooter weapons can be a great option for opening entry points from a secure area without being spotted.


Strategic Profile (image via Dambuster Studio)
Strategic Profile (image via Dambuster Studio)

Tactical weapons are the most balanced firearms found in the game. They deal high damage with a quick fire rate and have a good bullet capacity in their magazine.

Each consecutive hit grants a little extra movement speed with critical hit chances. It’s great for eliminating a moderate amount of enemies in one go. This type of weapon can be reloaded quickly, allowing players to jump out of danger without much thought.


Demolition Profile (image via DambusterStudio)
Demolition Profile (image via DambusterStudio)

Demolition weapons can cause critical damage to multiple enemies at once. It even has the ability to disintegrate enemies, as well as a high chance of dealing critical damage with every shot.

With the exception of the Sharpshooter, it generally has a lower rate of fire than other profiles. Such weapons have very little ammo in their magazine, but use bucking ammunition to deal collateral and expand damage. Reloading the weapon increases toughness, which in turn helps with survivability.

This concludes our list of available weapon profiles on Dead Island 2. It’s also worth noting that each gun can be equipped with a compatible mod that can help further increase the weapon’s effectiveness.

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