XDefiant closed beta will be extended for 48 hours

Ubisoft’s XDefiant team recently announced that they will be extending the game’s closed beta phase by an additional 48 hours due to popular demand. The decision was made in order to give more players access to the game and to allow the developers to collect additional data in order to further refine the shooter. XDefiant is generating a lot of buzz for its innovative gameplay, and the limited-access closed beta phase has only increased excitement for the game’s eventual release.

The publisher initially opened the game with a limited-access closed beta phase, which was supposed to last for one week. However, heavy community demand led to a total extension of two days.

Let’s take a closer look at the XDefiant’s test phase expansion.

XDefiant does a favor to the community and extends the duration of the closed beta period

🎉 We’ve heard the requests and are extending the closed beta for an additional 48 hours! 🎉Closed Beta now ends Tuesday, April 25 at 11PM PT. Be sure to include those extra matches and let us know your feedback!

Ubisoft has been developing its upcoming first-person shooter (FPS) title for quite some time, but key details about it have only recently been revealed. The excitement of a new title took the community by surprise and caused a huge number of players to flood the servers. Unfortunately, XDefiant is currently operating in a test environment and comes with limited game modes, maps, and weapons.

extended date


Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter gets a 48-hour extension, due to which the closed beta phase will end on Tuesday, April 25 at 11 pm PT/11:30 am IST (next day) /8 am CEST (next day).

This extra time will provide the playerbase enough time to grind in a few extra hours and experience the casual mode and newly updated game modes in XDefiant.

rank play


The shooter from Ubisoft recently went live with its Ranked game mode and introduced high-stakes matches. Available game modes such as Occupy, Domination, Zone Control and Escort have been tweaked to provide equal opportunities to both teams for ranked matches.

This was mainly achieved by introducing half-time and sideline changes for both ways to avoid one-sided battles. While these changes may increase the time required to complete a match, they help ignite the shooter’s competitive spirit even in the closed beta phase.

The Rank Points (RP) system is still being tested, and the developers are working to refine the basics of Ranked Mode in this test environment. Players can expect to see several changes to competitive matchmaking as the publisher continues to develop the game for the best possible gaming experience.


Fans should keep an eye on XDefiant’s official Twitter page for more announcements, and they can also follow Sportskeeda for the latest updates about the game.

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